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40-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE

40-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE

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    Shangdong, China
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    CE, ISO
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    soft film for sea transport in container
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    TT; L/C
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    500 sets per year

40-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE

High Speed PE-RT Pipe Production Line/PERT Pipe Extrusion Line

40-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE 0

40-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE 1

PERT pipe, produced by the raised temperature resistant polyethylene of raw material, transparent for all, is the moset common under floor heating pipe at present.

Pipe inner wall is smooth, it can reduce the blocking phenomena by the residuum in the water, has its own advantages of good flexibility, easy to install and carry, resistance to low temperature and frost crack and service lif up to 50 years.

This pipe extrusion line is mainly used for the production of PERT pipe at high speed, which stable speed can reach to more than 40m/min.


Features of Pipe Production Line:


●High speed extruder adopts special designed high efficient five-section type screw and barrel, which are our company independent design with completely independent intellectual property rights. This is the essential conditions of ensuring the rapid plasticizing & dispersion effect, and realizing high speed production.

●High precise control system of pipe weight per meter is applied in this line. It is used for measuring & calculating and precise control of pipe weight per meter and its extrusion output, to realize the constancy of pipe weight and line running according to set parameters. The application of this system can shorten the start-up time and improve the produced pipe quality, and save raw material.

●Our company special designed spiral pressure-storage die head effectively overcomes the instantaneous fluctuation of extrusion pressure, realizing high speed and constant pressure extrusion of materials, which is the powerful guarantee to realize high speed and stable pipe production;

●The successful application of high speed vacuum calibrating system, is to be optimized and improved of our previous high speed vacuum calibrating system which has already obtained patent protection. The reasonable structure of the calibrating & cooling unit can ensure the high speed pipe forming and high efficient cooling effect.

●Automatic double working position pipe coiler can realize automatic reel changing at set length, pipe automatic cutting and coiling. Using servo controlled high precise traversing device with good evenness and adjustable pitch, which ensures the continuous high speed production of the pipe. The tension control device makes high synchronization of the pipe coiling speed and line production speed, with SIEMENS PLC independent control.

●It adopts original imported new generation PLC control system and Multi-point closed-loop control system, which ensure the high speed synchronous control and reliable operating of the whole production line.

●Added some auxiliary machine, the production line can produce three layer or five layer EVOH/PERT pipe.


Technical Data of Pipe Production Line:


Line Model Screw Diameter L/D Production Speed Nominal Power
SJ-75 Ф75mm 36:1 50m/min 155KW
SJ-60 Ф60mm 36:1 35m/min 104KW
SJ-80 Ф80mm 33:1 25m/min 112KW
SJ-65 Ф65mm 33:1 15m/min 76KW

40-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE 2

40-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE 3

40-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE 440-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE 540-50m/min PERT pipe making machine KAIDE 6