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Great Success in 2015CHINAPLAS Exhibition

June 5, 2015

Dear All Customers,

First of all thank you very much to visit our booth during Chinaplas. With your great support and concern, our exhibition show was a complete success.

During the Exhibition, we have showed our high speed 180m/min flat drip irrigation tape line and double strand PPR pipe line.
The tape line is running on the exhibition to show the its advanced technology, high speed, stable working condition and intelligent control system. Because of this, our tape line has attracted many customers.

After the exhibition, there are several customers have visited our factory to check our facilities and further communication about the lines.

The exhibition is completed successfully. Hereby thanks you again for all customers visiting. We will continue to do our best to provide high quality machine with advanced technology and better service. Sincerely hope this exhibition can lead us to a long term good cooperative relationship.