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40m/min PPR Pipe Production Line-Double Outlet

April 9, 2018

New Technology Upgrade!!

                             -------------40m/min Double Outlet PPR Pipe Production line


KAIDE has new technology upgrade on that PPR pipe extrusion line. The two outlet PPR pipe machine speed can be up to 40m/min.  The energy consumption per ton material is only 200KW/h.  This technology upgrade can help pipe making factory reduce more production cost, reducing labour cost and also energy consumption.


KAIDE is the birthplace of China first high speed production line; High speed pipe production lines take more than 80% China market; After decades years of technology developement, now it's high speed pipe line technology is much more matured. 


This new PPR pipe production lines are ordered again by China RIFENG group, which is China leading pipe manufacturing factory.


If you are interesting this line, pls contact for further more inforamtion.


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